First Class Essex Escorts

The beautiful county of Essex is home to the Little Scarlet Strawberry, Olympic Swimmer Mark Foster, and Colchester- Britain’s first capital city and oldest recorded town. Rich with history, well-known figures and beautiful girls, Essex also boasts the longest coastline in the UK - 350 miles - and this makes for a beautiful location to take any escort from our exclusive agency. This immense coastline hosts 35 serene islands which is more than can be said for any other English county. If you love the outdoors you will agree that Essex is a gem in contrast to other more built up English counties.

What Makes Our Escorts Special

The beautiful escorts in Essex that Katie's Kent Escorts provides are truly outstanding in terms of physique, versatility and performance. These girls know how to dine with style, or party hard depending on what you’re in to. Essex is filled with great clubs, restaurants, hotels and landmarks which makes for the perfect territory to take an escort if you love to impress. Our girls will surely be seduced when you take them to one of the various first-class venues throughout Essex. As each of our escorts has been trained to the highest of standards we are sure that no matter which escorts, experience, or service you desire, you will have an unforgettable time.

Why not see for yourself by visiting our gallery of stunning Essex escorts what makes are companions the best in the industry. Learn more about each girl by reading their descriptions and view each models gallery which has been designed for you.

Take Advantage of Essex With A Gorgeous Companion

If you love historical architecture, this place is for you with over 14,000 buildings being listed and around 1000 of which are considered Grade I or II importance, this makes for a really interesting location to meet or travel with a sophisticated escort from Essex. This gorgeous country is filled with countless beautiful country parks to take your elite Essex escorts such as Belhus Woods Country Park, Cherry Orchard Jubilee Country Park, Cudmore Grove Country Park and Danbury Country Park. These Picturesque country parks are incredibly stunning, the minute you visit one of them with your Essex escorts you will be immersed by the vast views of beautiful scenery, feel the cool fresh air on your skin and smell the scent of lush flowers and the surrounding nature.

For the more cultured among you, I suggest visiting one of the multiple extraordinary galleries throughout Essex. Some of these amazing galleries with exceptional exhibitions include Firstsite, The Munnings Collection, the Gibberd Gallery and Focal Point Gallery- all of which is truly a testament to self-expression and the limits of human creativity. These awesome venues can be a great setting for a date with one of our escorts in Essex as our girls are both sophisticated and adventurous and love seeing new places, pieces of art and excel at discussing such masterpieces. For more information on what you might expect from Essex, try visiting a few websites before you visit to better plan your journey. Some great examples of these include tripadvisoressex.gov and visitessex.

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