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Spend the Summer with Katies Kent Escorts

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Spend the Summer with Katies Kent Escorts


Katies Kent Escorts is one of the best Kent escort agencies in the county and to help our clients have an enjoyable time with our companions, here are a few ideas of how to spend your summer with an escort.

Stuck for Ideas for a Summer Date?

Kent is a great place for a outdoors adventure, and in the summer there are dozens of activities and events to explore. When booking one of our escorts in Kent, you may be thinking of ways you can make your date particularly exciting or memorable - and there is no better time for arranging an exciting or unusual date than the summer, when there are so many unique things to do outdoors in Kent.

Birds of Prey

For a particularly incredible time outdoors, we would recommend you to pay a visit to The Hawking Center. This is a great outdoors experience that lets you come face-to-face with some of the most well-known birds of prey like Falcons and Owls, and creates a wonderful sense of adventure. In this center you will see many species of birds from the Falconry family, see the staff demonstrations and, if you're feeling brave, even hold the birds for yourself! This is definitely the kind of unique and off-the-wall idea for a date that your escort will enjoy and likely remember for a long time to come!

Glorious Greenery

This kind of date idea is perfect for anybody that loves the wild outdoors, but if handling some of the most deadly airborne predators in the world isn't for you, then you might prefer something a little more relaxed  - if so, Doddington Place Gardens is the place to go. Covering ten acres of former mansion grounds, Doddington Place Gardens showcases a delightful variety of plants, flowers of every colour imagineable and several species of unusual trees that thrive in the acidic soil. On a warm summer's day there are few activities that could beat a relaxing stroll through these aromatic gardens that is sure to provide the perfect romantic setting for a date with your escort.

These are just a couple of ideas of how you can take full advantage of Kent's sunny summer days to make a date with your stunning Kent escort truly memorable. To browse our selection of gorgeous girls, visit our Home page or browse our Gallery.