Grays Escorts

There's no shortage of beautiful escorts in Grays, a big portion of which you'll find listed right here with Katie's Kent. We've made our gallery as varied as possible to ensure something for everyone, no matter what you're into or how kinky you are. Our Grays escorts are ideal for any experience you have in mind, simply let us know who you want to meet, what you're interested in doing and we'll see what we can do.

Katie’s girls are second to none and our Grays escorts are no different, there aren’t many agencies like ours which incorporates most of the East of England when deciding on locations to cover. We have Essex, Kent and Chatham just to name a few and that is only a small portion of our actual range.

Our Grays gallery is second to none, with some of the most beautiful girls you’ll ever hope to find. A large portion of our customers keep coming back because they can’t get enough of Katie’s finest escorts, and when you decide to make a booking you’ll think no different.

A little info about our Grays Escorts

Though we’re sure you already don’t have any doubts about making a booking just from looking at our wonderful Grays escorts, you’ll be happy to know that there are two separate methods in order to make a booking. The first option and what most of our clients prefer is calling in using this number: 07803545500, this involves a very quick conversation and will leave you confident in your booking. The second option is to use the booking form on the site, which is the most discreet option for gentlemen who have no time to call in.

It doesn’t matter which of our Grays escorts you choose to book you are guaranteed to have an incredible time. We take great care to pick which girls will end up on our Katie’s Kent exclusive catalogue, this takes a large amount of time since we have to make sure they measure up to our standards as well as yours. You won’t find a better place to book an escort in the entire East of England.

What can I do during my stay in Grays?

You will be able to find anything that suits your tastes in regards to cuisine within the area as there are plenty of restaurants with stellar ratings all around. The way to get to the Grays is quite simple also, you can either go to the Grays train station or the Chafford Hundred station and make your way into the beautiful Chafford Gorges or Lions Gorge which is closer to the Grays. 

A lot of our escorts are party girls which means they can take you out around the vibrant night-life of Essex and in particular the Grays, with the many bars scattered around the town you are sure to have a nice time if you decide to party, when calling in ask for some recommendations and our team will be sure to help you.

Are our girls authentic?

Every single one of our Grays escorts is genuine, we make sure that whichever girl you click on will have real pictures that show how they will look when you meet them. We value transparency heavily therefore we promote girls that don’t use filters and editing their photos.

What time are our escorts available (taking into account area differences)?

Every girl you see with an available tag around her photos will be available as soon as you see the page, and by reading their profile each will have normal times they work in. If you are unsure then enquire when you call in or make your booking, and we will help you.

Can I extend my appointment?

This is entirely dependant on the companion of your choice, however most of our girls will accept this provided you have the extra cash on hand and talk to them and us beforehand. We understand why this is a frequent since our catalogue of girls is absolutely immaculate.

Can I book in advance or only on the day?

Yes to both, you can choose to book in advance to pick a time and location that suits you at a later date or you can simply call in on the day you’d like to see the escort and have an unforgettable evening either way.

Will your escorts in Kent meet me outside of Kent? If this is true, how far can they travel?

This is all dependant on distance, and you’ll be wise to enquire about this while making your booking. Please check our other locations, in case you are in the East of England. If you’re looking for something that’s quite a long distance away then please say so when you’re making a booking enquiry through the phone or by using the form