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Only the finest Maidstone Escorts

When going to Maidstone and wanting a quick escort booking, there isn’t a better place than Katie’s Kent Escorts. We cover all of Kent including Maidstone and we are ready to make your dream girl come to life in front of your eyes.

You can already tell from the gallery that our Maidstone escorts are of a high calibre, most of our clients end up returning for repeat booking because they enjoy their time so much. The one guarantee you can get with Katie’s girls is that they will leave you wanting to come back. 

How do I book one of your amazing companions?

When making a booking you’ll be happy to know that the process couldn’t be simpler. There are two options you can take to make your appointment, the primary is to call in using: 07803545500. This takes you to our reception team which is trained specifically to handle any booking request from a discerning gentleman, so the call will be quick and discreet as you would expect. 

The second option is to fill out our booking form at the top of the page or by clicking here, this is the option preferred by gents who don’t want to call in or just feel more comfortable filling out a form for your meeting.

What can I do in Maidstone?

Maidstone is one of the oldest most historic areas in the UK, since it was the town to first spring around the River Medway which was used as a trading channel between the different areas in England. There are many places you can visit on your stay here, just walking along the river is a good experience but you’ll also find the Maidstone Museum as well as the Archbishop’s Palace which are both ancient buildings which are now standing for your viewing pleasure.

There are also plenty of nightclubs and nightlife activities which you can occupy your time with those, a few of our girls are expert party girls and they will show you a good time.

Are the Escorts real?

Every Maidstone escort you see in the gallery above is fully authentic, we value our girls and clients so we like to show their best side to you so when you look at their profile you know that what you see is what you will most definitely get. This should allow you to be more confident in your booking.

Upon making a decision which companions will join our wonderful catalogue, we tend to pick ladies which will fit our high standards and nothing less. This is great for our clients since it means that any girl they choose to then book will be a perfect match.

What time are your girls normally available (area differences included)?

Every girl which has an available tag on the top right of her profile image is available for booking at this very moment and for the rest of the day. You can also simply call in and ask when you’re ready to make your booking to double check. 

Can I extend my booking?

Yes, provided you have the cash on hand and are willing to pay extra. We would prefer that you book in advance and tell us the exact hours, so our girls and us can plan around this. But it is expected that you will enjoy yourself and want more.

Can I make an advance booking or only on the day?

You are free to make an advance booking or a booking on the day, we are very accommodating and so are our girls so you’ll be sure that it will fit your schedule.

Can your Kent escorts meet me outside of Kent? If so, how far are they able to travel?

This will all hinge on the distance you want them to travel, most areas in Kent are already covered by our other location pages. If you are looking for something a far distance away then say this to the reception team when you call in. To book online, use our booking form to do so.