Greenwich Escorts

No one should be spending the night alone, especially when you can meet the hottest women in all of Greenwich for just £150/hour. Our Greenwich escorts go beyond what’s available at any other agency, and the best part is you can book them to do pretty much whatever you want! Looking to party? Maybe dinner date? Or perhaps you’d prefer a girlfriend experience? It doesn’t matter! Our companions are here to suit your needs. So, call today!

One of the most renowned naval areas in the South, Greenwich is a very historic place which might be more known now for the multitude of cartographical terms that became synonymous with the name rather than the wonderful area it is. Our wonderful Greenwich escorts will make your time spent there even more special, no matter what you choose to do while there.

You can have a glimpse at our catalogue above, though I'm sure you did and as you can see the companions featured there are some of the best looking ladies you'll be able to find in the area. When our clients choose to book a Katie's Kent girl for the first time, they always end up coming back because they have such a wonderful time.

How can I book one of your Greenwich Escorts?

The process of booking a girl couldn't be simpler, there are two options which you can use to book any of our escorts. The first of these is to simply phone in using 07803545500, which will put you to our extremely friendly reception team and they will be able to get your booking sorted and ready so you can go and enjoy your time, there's a reason this is our most frequently used booking method. The second way to book is to use our Bookings form at the top of the page or by clicking here, this will allow you to select the girl and fill it out at your own pace if you're not confident in calling in.

What can I do while in Greenwich?

Due to the proximity of Greenwich to London, you'll never run out of things to do in the area. Within just Greenwich you'll be able to find a lot of esteemed restaurants as well as plenty of clubs and bars to dance the night away in, a few of our escorts are party girls which will be able to show you around the area and more importantly show you a good time while there.

Are the girls featured in your gallery real?

Yes, every companion you see in any of our locations will be exactly as the pictures show you. Here at Katie's Kent escorts we value transparency so we will only provide you with the most genuine experience from the moment you call in to make a booking up until you actually go meet your chosen Greenwich escort.

During which times are your girls available?

You can see which escorts are currently available by the tag in the top right of their primary photo, this lets you know if they will also be ready for a booking today specifically. Check back on the girl you're interested in booking, just to make sure that she's available and then make your booking when you've made sure. You can also ask when you call in to make doubly sure, but the tag does the job just fine for most of our ladies.

Is there any way to extend my booking?

We understand that when you meet one of our incredible escorts you will have a wonderful time, and this often comes with wanting the time to never end. So yes, you can extend your booking however there are two things you will need before you can do this. The first is to have the money on hand, and the second is for the girl to agree as she might have a busy schedule and won't be able to extend it for another hour or few.

Do I have to book on the day or can I book in advance?

This choice is entirely up to you, when you phone in to our reception you will be able to book either but obviously you will have to specify which booking you will be making. It is easy either way and most of the girls available on the day will be available for most advance bookings, therefore you have nothing to worry about, there will always be an escort available for you.

Do your Greenwich escorts travel elsewhere in the UK? If so how far can they travel?

This will be dependant on the distance you would like our escorts to travel, in a wide majority of cases this won't be a problem as a lot of the other locations are already covered on our site. However if the distance you would like them to travel is quite far then this will require a discussion during your booking phonecall, and you should expect this to cost more.