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Read About the Area & Our Escorts in Brighton!

Brighton is known as one of the most popular holiday resort town's in England and is located on the seaside south of London. Brighton is amongst the warmer towns in England and offers visitors an exceptional variety of activities to take part in, scenery to appreciate and best of all - Brighton escorts to meet!

When travelling to Brighton it's important to plan in advance so that you can make the most of what this sunny town has to offer. Accommodation, bars, events and cultural hot-spots can all be found throughout Brighton so with the assistance of your Brighton escort, our agency or the internet, you'll have no problem finding something that tickles your fancy!

Attractive Brighton Escorts & Brighton Attractions

If you haven't yet, make sure to visit the Indian and Chinese inspired Royal Pavilion; this beautiful piece of architecture is home to an array of beautiful original artworks, some of which fortunately lent by HM The Queen. This makes for a great outing for those interested in art and culture and will leave you feeling awe-inspired at first glance. The sheer scale and sophistication of this architecture will mesmerise you and no matter how many times you visit, you'll always find something new!

People most often travel to Brighton to take advantage of the golden beaches which line the coast. Whether it's a spot of sunbathing or water-sports that draws you to the beach, Brighton beach is one of the finest in the country and offers visitors the opportunity to take part in sailing, kayaking and in the right conditions even fishing!

The escorts Brighton provide are out-going and very adventurous and it's important for us at Katies Kent that the girls we recruit are receptive and flexible with their interests, this way we can ensure that our clients are able to plan the ultimate date, wherever this may take them.


The Adventurous Escorts Brighton Provides

As mentioned briefly above, Katies Kent Escorts represent some of the most adventurous and open-minded escorts Brighton has to offer, and due to this, we are able to provide an immense collection of outstanding companions to the area. The best part about booking an adventurous Brighton escort is that it opens up so many possibilities for your date which you can embark upon.

Brighton boasts an excellent nightlife to occupy both residents and tourists, this is a great way to enjoy the evening with your escorts in Brighton... if you're not already "tied up". Whether it's live music, bars, clubs, or theatre that you look forward to in the evening, you can be sure that Brighton will accommodate your needs. In regards to pubs and clubs, everything from the sophistication of a wine-bar to the pumping atmosphere of Brighton's most popular clubs can be found here so research really wouldn't go amiss before you venture on to the streets of Brighton with your Brighton escorts

We always recommend that before making your booking you call us to ask any questions you may have and to help you make any preparations that are necessary, this way you can be certain that your chosen companion is the perfect girl for your date which will make your evening that much more special.